I joined tumblr because I wanted to read blog posts. I wanted to expand my internet knowledge. I wanted to become a new renaissance kind of father. I have expanded my internet knowledge and read plenty of blog posts. I have read, viewed, and listened to liberal news, conservative news, sports, DiY, art, fashion, parenting techniques, technology news, and music. All of those things I’m interested in. 

Yet again I ask… why on earth would I write anything? The simple answer is because I read a lifehacker or lifehack article about how it is beneficial to write and you get better by doing it over and over and over again. The longer answer is that I felt that I needed to be a more complete man. I have a wonderful wife and a gorgeous daughter that is about to be 10 months old. I am counted on. To me, I need to be able to do it all, or damnit be able to take a some time to figure out how to do anything at a rudimentary level with the capability to grow. I’m sure all men have or will have the following realization… “holy cow I don’t know how to do anything! Well maybe not anything but I am severely limited by what my parents decided was important enough to show me or what I have picked up in my short tiny little existence…”

Enter a random online Esquire article I read 6 months ago. It is titled “The 75 Skills Every Man Should Master” and a man named Tom Chiarella wrote it. I have no clue who he is, where he is from, what his favorite spread for toast is… nothing. I know absolutely nothing about him and, no offense Tom, I don’t particularly care. I do know he created a list that intrigued the hell out of me. I said to myself “I am a man! I’m 40!” (I’m not really 40, I’m only 26) After I banged my chest with my fists and rubbed eye black all over my face so I could look like a Viking, I wanted to complete this list. Here I am, and here is this ridiculous list that I found. Challenge Accepted!

Below is the link to the list. I will begin with Numero Uno! Give advice that matters in one sentence.